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My name is Jeya Prakash Ramaraj. I have completed MBA (HR & System) and currently managing JP Software Solutions past 10+ years. I was born in Theni District,Tamil Nadu, India and currently living in Theni. I’m interested in doing hosting business with my own experience and to share the knowledge with everyone by helping them solve technical problems and queries related to the same. I’m continuously learning new things and all possibilities to improve myself everyday.



Success Key

JP Software Solutions, Theni District Tamil Nadu is an established firm, which is run by our CEO Mr Jeyaprakash. Who has a rich and wide knowledge in IT and ITES field for the past 10 Years. Our Company has grown from a humble background to its present size with an outstanding support extended by its Customers.

We make our customers to feel at home by offering a top uptime service, 24x7 Customer service support and 15 Days Money back Guarantee. All our existing customers would vouch for our excellent customer service support. At present, We have a record of 10,000+ customers, that we are cherishing about.

All our servers are run on the Linux Platform, based in Indian, Singapore, USA Datacenters. Our servers are operated with Cloud Linux . We have fully qualified and Cloud Linux certified Server Administrators to give a wonderful uptime and online 24x7 service for our endless list of Customers. We welcome you to join our long list of happy and satisfied Customers.

JP Software Solutions, an established market leader in the field of Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated Servers. We have a full fledged Customer Service support centre and office Situated at Theni District.

Our aim is to provide the Best Reliable web hosting services at an affordable price. We assure the trouble free web Hosting services across 24x7, so that our customers enjoys the maximum support and the benefits out of our service.

Your websites are hosted across the Multiple servers Such as India, Singapore, USA. So that our customers will not experience any downtime due to the hardware failure. Our customer will enjoy the maximum uptime services. We invite you to join in our mega fun family. So that you can experience the joy of 24x7 customer support from JP Software Solutions, for all your Web Hosting needs.